Peace Is Possible

Peace Is Possible

We have seen some interesting and significance events the past year 2018. Many nations are still struggling to define what they TRULY believe, with many different voices saturating their land. In the midst of that, I still hope that the nations of the world will live up to a good creed, one crowned with FREEDOM and solidly supported with JUSTICE. I am trusting that the leaders will be true to their word and to their promise to uphold the creed, not for political or self-gain but for the good of humanity. It is time to be able to live freely without interference, without fear, to have liberty, to be able to dream, to have freedom of expression, be able to have confidence in leaders and governments. The era of nations and leaders caught in a vicious cycle of one fighting just to take down another should cease and instead work together to create an environment that improves the lives of citizens, create opportunity, reward hard work and protect the values enshrined in the creed that defines the people. We need to begin to dream again, that nations will rally to support others in need as a good gesture of common humanity, that nations will rally to execute relentless justice on those that seek to destroy peace.

 As there is a right to life, so also is a right to PEACE and it is the responsibility of ALL to work for it.

In January 2018, President Netanyahu of Israel indicated he considered the people of Iran to be friends of Israel, and rightfully so considering the common humanity. It will be beautiful to see these leaders and their people shake hands, hug each other, sit together in brotherliness and work together to create a peaceful region in our day, and generations to come. In the same way, President Obama (former president of the US) in his inaugural speech on January 20, 2009 indicated that any governments or groups that were willing to unclench their fist, he was willing to extend a hand and I believe that same promise still stands for many nations around the world.  Mr Kofi Annan (former Secretary General of the United Nations) also worked tirelessly on conflict resolution and many efforts towards peace.  I cannot emphasis enough the spirit of “Ubuntu”, our common humanity as “Madiba” (Nelson Mandela, former president of South Africa), an icon of reconciliation and peace, exemplified.

 All nations, and for that matter, all humanity have a right to peace and the onus is on nations around the world and their leaders to begin to fruitfully engage towards it.

The year 2018 saw North Korea openly begin to open up to other leaders, potentially signaling the beginning of a new way of life and possibilities for its people. I am excited that a nation is considering the danger it poses to others and deciding to put on hold or stop altogether the development of destructive weapons. Other nations should be excited in the same way and be determined to put an end to these kinds of developments for the sake of PEACE and the safety of our world. In 2018, President Kim Jong-Un (North Korea), President Trump (US) and other leaders of the world made a commitment towards denuclearization of North Korea and have been working towards peace on the Korean Peninsula. This holds promise for a prosperous life for the people of North Korea.  I look forward to the day North and South Korea will stand together as ONE with a peaceful and prosperous future for its people.  This should be exciting for the rest of the world. In generations past, there have always been efforts un-end to have peace.

This year 2019, the single question for the nations is:  What does it REALLY take to make peace? Let’s do whatever it takes and let the year 2019 be the year for PEACE. Let the nations rally to get it done. It is possible. 


January 2, 2019 

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